Playing the waiting game…

So in my last post I was talking about moving and studying in Queensland. Well I have applied for the teaching bachelor at Queensland University of Technology, I had to pay like $70 AUD so I hope it’s worth it and that I get accepted!

I have been putting off applying for so long, but I just thought ‘screw it!’ whats the worst that can happen? I don’t get accepted and have wasted $70.. in the larger picture thats not bad at all. Once I know i’ve been accepted if I have been, then I can start sorting out everything, like having a job there isn’t much point going over there if I haven’t been accepted.

Anyways, I’m not sure how long it will take to know if I have been accepted but I hope if you’re reading this, please wish me luck!!

Much love,




I’m so lost

I’m torn between studying my degree here in Perth, or studying in Queensland. Wether I study here or there after the 4 years I will spend on my bachelor I will move to Brisbane so in my head it makes sense to study at QUT which is quite a bit higher ranking in the area I want to study than at the Uni I would study at here. I know its one of those things if I can’t make up my mind then I shouldn’t do it, but I’m one of those people that I do know what I really want to do but needs someone to tell me it’s a good idea or what not. I hate that but it is what it is, so if anyone out there can give me some tips or has advice I would love to hear it. BTW I’m 22 years old so I’m not just a young one leaving high school haha and I want to do my bachelor in Early Childhood Education!

Day One

In October of last year I spent about a month in Queensland with my family. I have so many photo’s and video’s from that trip that I’ve been putting off writing about it because of having to go through and pick out photo’s and video’s to use.

I guess I should start off by where we stayed. So when we were planning my Mum had been looking at apartments, as we were there for a while and figured it would be cheaper to food shop and basically live like we were at home. Mum was really struggling to find ones that were decently priced as we were staying in Brisbane so we were basically central to everything. I steered mum into the direction of AirBnB, which is where we found the apartment we stayed in.

We were on the 6th floor and had the best view! Not only that it was such a quick walk to everything too. Most importantly Queen Street Mall, was about 5 minutes away on foot. We definitely did some damage there… I won’t waffle on too much, so enjoy all the photo’s and what not I could find.



I’m soaring
I’m flying
Theres not
A star
in heaven
that we
can’t reach
yeah, we’re
breaking free


View from balcony
Other view from balcony





So as of right now, the boyfriend and I have decided to visit Queensland at the end of this year. I have been before, I spent about a month there with my family and he has only spent a few days there for work so it wasn’t so much a “getting to explore” trip. He does really want to go to Magnetic Island, if anyone has any advice about getting there and things to do.

Of course I have all the things that I did previously and things I wanted to do but never got too, but if anyone has any tips or things they think are a ‘must do’ than please let me know in the comments below!

There are also plans to move there. In about 4 years after I’m done with school, so if anyone has any opinions on which suburbs are good then leave them as well! I’m thinking more about the suburbs surrounding Brisbane, more so than the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast because I think Brisbane is a nice central location to get to both.

*I should probably mention, we’re both from Perth so moving wise isn’t too different, as I genuinely think there isn’t too much of a difference between both cities, I do love Brisbane more though*

Into the woods.. 🎶

I was hanging out with Hannah and Justin and as the weather was nice for once, we decided to go hiking out in a place called jarrahdale. The trail starts out in Serpentine and ends in jarrahdale.. well depending on where you start to where it ends. 

Before the trail, there’s a wooded area to walk through that has trees everywhere. It very much reminded me of the woods that are always in horror films, really tall trees that are just everywhere! Unfortunately it hasn’t been raining here much, so the river hasn’t been flowing – it’s much better in winter when you can see and hear the water flowing and is one of the loveliest sounds. 

Here are some pictures I took. These have all been put and edited on Instagram. 

This is honestly one of my favourite things to do. Hike and explore the beautiful country we live in! Need to go out with my proper camera again in winter when the river is flowing which makes for better photos in my opinion. 

As for now, my phone camera will have to do! 

If any of you, have posts about exploring your own backyards I would love to see them!

Beautifully yours,



Book Blog?

I’ve recently found the book tube side of youtube.. and watching all these book hauls and reviews has made me find my love for books again. It honestly made me feel embarrassed that I can’t remember the last time I read a book, or even read a new one let alone ones I’ve got sitting around that I’ve read a few times already.

So what I was thinking, to get back into my love for books and into the book world was turning this into a book blog. I’m a lot better at reading books than I am keeping this updated.

Let me know if anyone is into it, or even if you have any recommendations as I have absolutely no idea where to begin..


Love beautifully,




It’s been so long… sorry about that! I thought I would share some photo’s from my shared 21st. We only got these back from the photographer 2 weeks ago and this was back in November :/

Anyways, these are the ones I liked the most. mostly of just my friends as there weren’t a whole lot of people that actually showed up. Fun fact: I invited someone who didn’t come but I never would of guessed that 3 months later in Jan we would become ‘official’ now it’s been 4 months and its honestly surreal.