Get to know me!

Hi, my name is Tarryn, it’s nice to meet you!

I thought I would start things off with a little bit about me. I am 21 years old from Western Australia. I am in my first year of University, studying Teaching. I grew up very much a tomboy and still am one. I do enjoy make-up but it only comes out when I can be bothered to play around with it.

I’m not a huge fan of Perth as a city, but I really am lucky as W.A is such a beautiful state and has a lot of hidden gems. Which I aim to discover and share with you all! Though my heart belongs in Queensland, which I will convince my boyfriend to move there with me one day.. wish me luck!

I love photography, dancing, cheer, make-up, food, watching Disney and Horror films and watching tv shows like Bones, Criminal Minds, any of the Sherlock Holmes, NCIS, Supernatural and Orphan Black to just name a few.

This blog is going to just be about my life at University, being in my first relationship and exploring the world. Even if it happens very slowly.

Feel free to email/contact me about anything! would love to make friends with as many people as possible on here 🙂