South Bank

South Bank, Brisbane. South bank is a beautiful place, it’s literally what the name suggests – it’s on the south side of the Brisbane river which makes it the bank! It’s full of life, food and art and I believe it is the heart of Brisbane. VisitBrisbane describes it as “South Bank is Brisbane’s premier lifestyle and cultural destination. Located on the southern banks of the Brisbane River, its 17 hectares of lush parklands, world-class eateries, stunning river views” and I can whole heartedly agree.

The Kurilpa Bridge. One of the many to get to South Bank, luckily for us this was right outside our apartment building.
The view from our balcony. As you can see South Bank have they’re own (London) Eye.
Walking over to South Bank crossing the Brisbane River
At first I though this sign was all that was left, but I actually looked into it and from what I read this hotel never existed and this sign is actually a sculpture built to draw attention to the GOMA (Brisbane QLD Gallery of Modern Art)


This is an Ibis. Think seagull but bigger and scarier, these birds also steal leftover food from tables and out of bins. Just like seagulls, do not feed them.
Countdown to the Commonwealth Games


This was probably the most exciting thing about South Bank for me, I just really love the idea behind it. As you can see it’s called ‘Epicurious’ which is a garden full of seasonal, edible plant life including fruits, vegetables and herbs. It’s maintained by volunteers to ensure that it stays healthy and in good condition, but it is there to be explored. It’s free to look at and open all year round. Those volunteers are there at certain times and days and are the ones to see if you want to try the produce. They have a harvest cart which is free to collect from, it works on a first-in, first-served, basis. To sum it up, it’s a garden in the middle of the city that is open to the public for free to enjoy all the edibles grown there. As I said before I just absolutely love the idea of it, and you can really see that it is respected and really well looked after.

Sunsetting over the Brisbane River
Had the best seats in the house every night.

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