I’m so lost

I’m torn between studying my degree here in Perth or studying in Queensland. Whether I study here or there after the 4 years I will spend on my bachelor I will move to Brisbane so in my head, it makes sense to study at QUT which is quite a bit higher ranking in the area I want to study than at the Uni I would study at here.

I know its one of those things if I can’t make up my mind then I shouldn’t do it, but I’m one of those people that I do know what I really want to do but needs someone to tell me it’s a good idea or what not. I hate that but it is what it is, so if anyone out there can give me some tips or has advice I would love to hear it. BTW I’m 22 years old so I’m not just a young one leaving high school and I want to do my bachelor in Early Childhood Education!


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