Day One

In October of last year I spent about a month in Queensland with my family. I have so many photo’s and video’s from that trip that I’ve been putting off writing about it because of having to go through and pick out photo’s and video’s to use.

I guess I should start off by where we stayed. So when we were planning my Mum had been looking at apartments, as we were there for a while and figured it would be cheaper to food shop and basically live like we were at home. Mum was really struggling to find ones that were decently priced as we were staying in Brisbane so we were basically central to everything. I steered mum into the direction of AirBnB, which is where we found the apartment we stayed in.

We were on the 6th floor and had the best view! Not only that it was such a quick walk to everything too. Most importantly Queen Street Mall, was about 5 minutes away on foot. We definitely did some damage there… I won’t waffle on too much, so enjoy all the photo’s and what not I could find.



I’m soaring
I’m flying
Theres not
A star
in heaven
that we
can’t reach
yeah, we’re
breaking free


View from balcony
Other view from balcony





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