So as of right now, the boyfriend and I have decided to visit Queensland at the end of this year. I have been before, I spent about a month there with my family and he has only spent a few days there for work so it wasn’t so much a “getting to explore” trip. He does really want to go to Magnetic Island, if anyone has any advice about getting there and things to do.

Of course I have all the things that I did previously and things I wanted to do but never got too, but if anyone has any tips or things they think are a ‘must do’ than please let me know in the comments below!

There are also plans to move there. In about 4 years after I’m done with school, so if anyone has any opinions on which suburbs are good then leave them as well! I’m thinking more about the suburbs surrounding Brisbane, more so than the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast because I think Brisbane is a nice central location to get to both.

*I should probably mention, we’re both from Perth so moving wise isn’t too different, as I genuinely think there isn’t too much of a difference between both cities, I do love Brisbane more though*


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