Into the woods.. ๐ŸŽถ

I was hanging out with Hannah and Justin and as the weather was nice for once, we decided to go hiking out in a place called Jarrahdale. The trail starts out in Serpentine and ends in Jarrahdale.. well depending on where you start to where it ends.

Before the trail, there’s a wooded area to walk through that has trees everywhere. It very much reminded me of the woods that are always in horror films, really tall trees that are just everywhere! Unfortunately, it hasn’t been raining here much, so the river hasn’t been flowing – it’s much better in winter when you can see and hear the water flowing and is one of the loveliest sounds.

Here are some pictures I took. These have all been put and edited on Instagram.


This is honestly one of my favourite things to do is go on hikes and explore the beautiful country we live in! Need to go out with my proper camera again in winter when the river is flowing which makes for better photos in my opinion.

As for now, my phone camera will have to do!

If any of you, have posts about exploring your own backyards I would love to see them!

Beautifully yours,




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